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We are TSA , 'Tastes So Awesome', Purveyor of the best craft beers, wines and more.
We invite you to explore what we have to offer, imported specialty craft beers, artisanal ciders, premium wines and more.

Pioneering Craft Beer, Wine and Cider distributor to the best F&B outlets in Singapore. We don't sell what we don't enjoy.


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From our humble beginnings as a new kid on the block almost 13 years ago specialising in cult wines, we chanced upon the world of Craft Beers and we never looked back. Today TSA Wines has become a veteran of sorts and we are amongst the few special companies in Singapore who know and offer the best Craft Beers! But of course we haven't forgotten our wines and our ciders!

We distribute Craft Beer, Wine and cider to the best restaurants, bars and clubs in Singapore.

We also deliver to your homes. Please go to our SHOP NOW.

Colin Tay TSA Wines
About Us

Colin Tay, Founder

TSA Wines is about a passion that we, the co-owners, Karam and Colin, share for great wine.

It started when we were on yet another private wine tasting when inspiration struck. Why not share our love of wine that are awesome tasting but does not cost an arm and leg? Henceforth, TSA Wines was born.

Well we must admit that we are converts to Craft Beers but since then we have been dogged at it! So much so that many of our friends have been asking us when we will change our name to TSA Beers!

Anyhow, as long as It Taste So Awesome, you will find it here.

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Throwin' a party? Good news! We deliver craft beer, cider and wine right to your doorstep!!


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