Glen Scotia – Single Cask OB Classic Campbeltown Malt Single Cask Vintage 1999


700ml | ABV 53.5%

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Campbeltown is a small town on the Kintyre peninsula on the west coast of Scotland, affectionately known as the “Wee Toon”.

Glens Scotia distillery was founded in 1832 & has been producing Single Malt whisky in the time-honoured manner since then. Throughout this time Campbeltown was known as the “Victorian whisky capital of the world “.

Campbeltown whiskies are intriguing and appealing. They reflect the regional character of seaspray with hints of fruit and smoke.

Each Single Cask or Limited Edition has been chosen by their master distiller to deliver the unique taste of Campbeltown, only after the perfect amount of time, in the finest casks, to reflect the character of the distillery.

This Single Cask Number 659, was distilled in 1999, bottled in 2020, with Cask Strength 53.5%, Non-Chill Filtered.

Limited to 240 bottles, the notes come with Toffee popcorn and creamy fudge are perfectly balanced with dark chocolate coated raisins, candied orange peel and hints of marzipan.