Reymos Sparkling Wine


750ml | ABV 7.5%

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Reymos, a Valencia masterpiece, enchants with its low graduation, sweet, sparkling charm. Crafted from Moscatel of Alexandria grapes using the Charmat method, it’s a natural fermentation wonder, with a second transformation within the bottle.

Breaking barriers from traditional Moscatel wines, Reymos is a symphony of sweetness. Its effervescence elegantly complements fruit salads, puff pastries, and tea pastas. Enjoy between 5º and 6º C for a sensory journey like no other. Elevate your moments with Reymos—where innovation meets tradition.

A pale straw-yellow hue, kissed with hints of green.

The bouquet offers a delightful medley of fruity essences, where the allure of apples and oranges intertwine with undertones of honey, aniseed, and a touch of balsamic.

On the palate, a pleasing experience unfolds. Its medium body holds a captivating play of bubbles, exuding excellent poise and balance. A refreshing, fruity finish leaves a lasting impression that delights the senses.