San Felo Aulus Cabernet Sauvignon Toscana


750ml | ABV 14%

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Cabernet Sauvignon from a single vineyard of our estate located in the municipality of Magliano in Toscana (Grosseto).


Our perfect climatic conditions allow the grapes to ripen evenly, therefore on reaching perfect phenolic ripeness and after repeated tasting, are harvested by hand, selecting only  the best grapes.


Once the grapes reach the cellar, they are delicately destemmed. Half of the grapes carry outtheir  alcoholic fermentation in barriques with manual fulling and the other half in stainless  steel tanks at a constant temperature of 30 ° C. The transformation from grape into wine requires about a week, followed by a maceration on the skins ranging from 2- 6 days.


Once the skins have been separated from the wine, it is immediately placed in 2.25 hl barriques where it is aged for 18-24 months. After a slight filtration, it is refined in the bottle for a further 12 months.


The wine shows a beautiful intense ruby red colour, a complex and refined aroma of ripe red fruits, a soft and enveloping taste with velvety tannins.