Strike balance with beer yoga

Relax with alcohol and use the bottle for exercise at the upcoming Beerfest Asia

It is a novel experience where practitioners incorporate the beer bottle into their yoga poses and drink beer while at it.

Ms Dawn Sim, founder of local yoga studio Trium Fitness, conducted her first beer yoga lesson in April.

The 37-year-old mother of four told The New Paper: “Essentially, we are still doing yoga – beer is just a fun factor that is incorporated.

“By practising our yoga moves with an open bottle that contains liquid and trying not to spill, it acts as a prop when balancing, which is different too.”

Ms Sim will be leading Singapore’s outdoor beer yoga session at this year’s Beerfest Asia at Marina Bay Cruise Centre on Sunday at 6pm.

“I cannot say that beer yoga is a trend or fitness craze, but there is definitely curiosity to it, where people want to know how it is done,” she said.

Trium Fitness does not conduct regular beer yoga classes, unless there are requests.

While some see beer yoga as a gimmick, it does have health benefits despite the irony.


Ms Sim said: “Some people go to yoga classes feeling stressed out. So at beer yoga, by taking a sip or two, it helps them be more calm and relaxed.”

Practitioners typically have a bottle a session, and the recommended amount for a one-hour session is half a bottle.

The ultimate goal is “not to get drunk but have a balance”, which also ensures that the beer can last till breathwork, which takes place at the end of class.

Ms Sim said: “If you finish an entire bottle during a session, there would not be anything to spill too, which would ruin the fun and challenge.”

There are no special or recommended types of beers to go with a beer yoga session – and, alcohol is not a must.

“People of all ages, even kids, can do it. I have had people who do not drink, so they use an open bottle of water instead,” Ms Sim said.

“It is ultimately all about challenging your abilities and learning how to be more conscious in balancing.”

She added that she sees more corporate workers going for beer yoga sessions as they work in highly stressful environments.

Housewife Julie Tan, 48, who has tried beer yoga once, found the session stress-relieving and relaxing.

She said: “We did not cut short on our normal yoga poses. But with beer yoga, I was able to work on my leg and core strength… I would do it again if I could.”


WHAT Beerfest Asia 2017

WHERE Marina Bay Cruise Centre

WHEN Thursday to Sunday, various timings

TICKETS $28 to $184 from

Now in its ninth year, Beerfest Asia 2017 is back with a bang with its widest offering to date at Marina Bay Cruise Centre.

From Aug 17 to 20, look forward to more than 500 selections of beers and ciders at the partly air-conditioned 8,000 sq ft space.

More than 100 different new labels will make their Singapore debut at the festival, including the likes of Krusovice Imperial, Erdinger Sommerweisse, Pressure Drop Wu Gang Chops The Tree and Guinness Bright.


Home-grown brands Archipelago Brewery, The 1925 Brewing Co and Brewlander & Co will also be on the scene with their respective booths, flying the Singapore flag high with innovative creations – some of which were brewed specifically for Beerfest Asia 2017.

For the first time, Beerfest Asia 2017 will be having a daily beer workshop across four days.

Different brew masters and brand ambassadors will introduce beer lovers to the nuances of various types of brews as well as how to brew the perfect beer at home. – CHARMAINE SOH