Expert Tips for Tap Craft Beer Tasting and Pairing at Festivals


In the past few years, tap craft beer festivals have gained immense popularity, attracting countless people who relish the opportunity to savour the vast selection of tap craft beers on offer. One of the highlights of these festivals is tap craft beer tasting and pairing, where attendees can try different tap craft beers and find the perfect pairing to enhance their flavour. In this guide, you will uncover methods to elevate your enjoyment of sampling and combining artisanal brews at events by utilising helpful advice and techniques.

What is Tap Craft Beer Tasting and Pairing?

Tap Craft Beer tasting and pairing is a unique experience where attendees can sample different tap craft beers and find the perfect pairing to complement their flavours. It is a way to discover new tastes, expand your palate, and learn about the brewing process and the various tap craft beers available.

Why Attend a Tap Craft Beer Tasting and Pairing at a Festival?

Participating in a draft artisanal beer sampling and coupling event at a festivity offers an excellent opportunity to explore novel tastes and broaden your understanding of craft brews. This occasion presents a chance to sample various kinds of artisanal brews and gain insights into brewing techniques from seasoned professionals in the field. Moreover, it serves as a communal gathering where you can connect with fellow enthusiasts and express your mutual passion for artisanal brews.

Types of Craft Beers to Expect at a Kegged Craft Beer Tasting and Pairing

There are several types of craft beers to expect at a Kegged Craft Beer tasting and pairing. These include:

IPA: India Pale Ale (IPA) is a beer with a strong hop flavour, notable bitterness, and higher alcohol content.

Stout is a dark beer with a roasted flavour and a creamy texture.

Porter is a dark beer with a rich, chocolaty taste and a smooth texture.

Wheat Beer is a light, refreshing beer with a fruity taste and a cloudy appearance.

Sour beer is a variety that boasts a tart flavour profile with fruity notes and a crisp, dry finish.

Belgian beer is a sweet, fruity beer with a complex flavour and a high alcohol content.

Pale Ale, a popular beer style, boasts a refreshing taste with floral notes and a hoppy flavour that delights the palate.

How to Enjoy Cask Craft Beer Tasting and Pairing at a Festival

Arrive Early

Getting to the festival early can help you avoid crowds and long wait times and give you enough time to taste all the tap craft beers you’re interested in.

Sample Light to Heavy

Start with the lightest tap craft beers and work on the heavier ones to avoid overwhelming your palate.

Take Notes

Take notes on the craft beers you try, including their flavours and any pairing suggestions you receive.

Stay Hydrated

Drink water between craft beers to stay hydrated and avoid getting too drunk.

Try New Flavors

Broaden your beer horizons and stimulate your taste buds by venturing into new flavours and unlocking exhilarating beer experiences.

Tap Craft Beer

Tips for Enjoying Barrelled Craft Beer at Asia’s Largest Beer Festival

Are you a beer lover planning to attend Asia’s largest beer festival? Are you curious about ways to elevate your beer-tasting experience and discover new flavours? With the variety of beers available at the festival, it can be overwhelming to decide what to try. This article will guide you with tips and tricks for enjoying the Barrelled Craft Beer at Asia’s largest beer festival.

Understanding Pour Craft beer

To begin with, let’s first get familiar with the concept of Pour craft beer before we delve into the tips. Craft beer poured on tap is a type of beer that’s brewed in small batches using traditional brewing techniques. Unlike mass-produced beers, craft beer offers unique flavours and is often brewed with local ingredients. The keg-fresh beer is served straight from the tap without pasteurisation, resulting in a more vibrant taste and aroma.

Do Your Research

Before attending the Beerfest, research the different types of craft beer available. Look for the breweries that will be showcasing their beers and their specialities. Another way to prepare for the Beerfest is to read reviews from past events to gain insight into what to anticipate. By doing this, you can efficiently map out your beer-tasting experience and save time sampling beers that may not suit your preferences.

Start with Lighter Beers

When tasting craft beer, it’s best to start with the lighter beers and work up to the heavier ones. By taking breaks between sips, you give your taste buds a chance to adapt and savour the various flavours and scents of the beer. Lighter beers also help to cleanse your palate between tastings.

Take Notes

As you taste the different craft beers, take notes of the ones you enjoy. Jot down the brewery’s name, the beer, and any comments on the flavour, aroma, and aftertaste. Taking note of the beers you liked during your beer-tasting experience will help you recall your preferences and suggest them to others effortlessly.

Try Something New

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Tap craft beer offers a variety of unique flavours and styles you may not have tried before. Be open-minded and explore new tastes and aromas. Perhaps you will find a beer that becomes your new go-to!

Pace Yourself

With so many craft beers to try, drinking as much as possible can be tempting. However, it’s important to pace yourself and drink responsibly. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the beer-tasting experience, not to get drunk. To maintain your energy levels, it’s important to drink enough water and eat food in between tastings.

Engage with the Brewers

Most brewers are passionate about their craft and love to talk about their beers. Seize the opportunity to engage with the brewers, learn about their brewing methods and ingredients, and enhance your knowledge of craft beer. By following this practice, you can elevate your beer-tasting experience and gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the unique characteristics of each beer.

Enjoy the Atmosphere

The Beerfest is not just about the beer; it’s also about the atmosphere. Enjoy the live music, food, and company of other beer enthusiasts. Take your time and savour the moment.

Purchase a Souvenir Glass

Most beer fests offer souvenir glasses you can purchase to take home. Taking a picture of yourself or with your friends at the festival is an excellent way to keep the memories alive and can serve as a fantastic icebreaker when hosting a beer-tasting event at home.

Follow the Festival’s Guidelines

Make sure to follow the festival’s guidelines regarding drinking and behaviour. Most beer fests have strict rules about alcohol consumption and may have designated areas for drinking.

Excellent Beer Tap Brands for Beer Fest: Unveiling the Ultimate List

The excitement of a beer fest is complete with an impressive lineup of top-notch beer tap brands. If you’re an ardent beer enthusiast, you understand the importance of finding exceptional brews that satisfy your taste buds and elevate your beer fest experience. This article presents a carefully curated list of excellent beer tap brands guaranteed to impress even the most discerning beer connoisseurs. Prepare yourself for an enchanting expedition as we delve into the realm of extraordinary brews that await your discovery:

Dream Alone Pale Ale

With its harmonious blend of floral hops and caramel malts, Dream Alone Pale Ale embodies craftsmanship. Indulge in the harmonious symphony of a velvety, medium-bodied texture and meticulously balanced bitterness, rendering it an impeccable selection for connoisseurs of the timeless pale ale. Crafted with passion and dedication, Dream Alone Pale Ale will transport you to a world of flavours with every sip, leaving you longing for more.

Quietest Creature Lemongrass Wit

Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary sensory experience with Quietest Creature Lemongrass Wit. This Belgian-style witbier is infused with the invigorating essence of lemongrass, resulting in a refreshing and zesty flavour profile. It’s light and effervescent nature make it an ideal choice for a sunny beer fest afternoon. Let Quietest Creature Lemongrass Wit awaken your senses and transport you to pure bliss.

The Island Tropical Lager

Escape to an island paradise with The Island Tropical Lager. This lager, crafted with a tropical blend of exotic fruits and a touch of hoppiness, offers a unique and refreshing taste. Its light golden hue, crisp finish, and tropical aromas will transport you to a beachside oasis. Indulge in The Island Tropical Lager, and let its irresistible flavours create a vacation-like experience at your fingertips.

Dream Sensation Hazy

For those seeking a hazy beer that oozes juiciness, Dream Sensation Hazy is an absolute must-try. This beer exemplifies the art of brewing by bursting with vibrant flavours of tropical fruits and delighting the palate with its silky-smooth mouthfeel. The hazy appearance and the explosion of tropical aromas create a sensory adventure that will captivate your taste buds. Dream Sensation Hazy is a true gem that delivers an unforgettable experience with every sip.

Kurtz Insane IPA

Prepare yourself for an intensely hop-forward journey with Kurtz Insane IPA. This India Pale Ale pushes the boundaries of hop flavours and aromas, showcasing a spectrum of citrus, pine, and floral notes. Its robust body and bold bitterness make it a perfect choice for IPA enthusiasts who crave an intense flavour profile. Get ready to embark on an insane flavour adventure with Kurtz Insane IPA.

Futile Purpose Cucumber Pilsner

Embrace the refreshing and crisp character of Futile Purpose Cucumber Pilsner. This unique brew combines the classic qualities of a pilsner with the subtle essence of cucumber, resulting in a revitalising drinking experience. With its clean and well-balanced flavour profile, this beer offers a delightful respite from the summer heat. Sip on Futile Purpose Cucumber Pilsner and savour the refreshing fusion of flavours.

Experiencing the Beerfest

As you gear up for your next beer fest adventure, include these unique beer tap brands in your must-try list. From the classic pale ale to the vibrant hazy brews and the refreshing pilsner creations, this lineup offers an array of flavours and styles to satisfy every beer enthusiast’s palate. Dream Alone Pale Ale, Quietest Creature Lemongrass Wit, The Island Tropical Lager, Dream Sensation Hazy, Kurtz Insane IPA, and Futile Purpose Cucumber Pilsner are all exceptional choices that showcase the artistry and innovation of craft brewing.

Whether you’re a fan of the traditional or crave the excitement of new and unique flavours, these beer tap brands are sure to impress. Their quality ingredients, meticulous brewing processes, and commitment to delivering outstanding taste make them stand out in the sea of beer options.

Imagine being surrounded by a vibrant atmosphere, clinking glasses, and laughter at your next beer fest. As you approach the taps, let the anticipation build as you choose from this extraordinary selection of brews. Each brand offers its distinct personality, flavour profile, and story, waiting to be discovered and savoured.

So, raise your glass to Dream Alone Pale Ale, with its timeless charm and perfect balance of hops and malts. Allow Quietest Creature Lemongrass Wit to awaken your senses with its refreshing blend of Belgian-style goodness and zesty lemongrass infusion. Immerse yourself in an enchanting tropical escape with The Island Tropical Lager, where every sip unveils the tantalising essence of exotic fruits, whisking you away to serene shores of pure bliss.

For those seeking a hazy adventure, Dream Sensation Hazy promises an explosion of tropical fruit flavours and a silky texture that will leave a lasting impression. Indulge your hop cravings with Kurtz Insane IPA, a bold and intense brew that showcases the full spectrum of hoppy goodness. And lastly, refresh and rejuvenate with Futile Purpose Cucumber Pilsner, a unique fusion of classic pilsner qualities and the cooling essence of cucumber.

The world of beer is vast and diverse, and these exceptional brands exemplify the dedication and creativity of craft brewers. Each sip tells a story, revealing the passion, expertise, and craftsmanship that goes into creating these liquid works of art. So, raise your glass, celebrate the flavours, and embark on a memorable beer fest experience with these excellent beer tap brands.

Remember to enjoy responsibly, savour the moments, and toast to the brilliance of the brewers who bring these extraordinary creations to life. Cheers to an unforgettable beer fest filled with exceptional brews and shared camaraderie!


Best beer show award

TSA Wines Wins Best of Show Beer in FHA Beer Awards

FHA Beer awards

Be part of the excitement as a new era in the world of beer brewing dawns before your very eyes. The FHA Beer Awards, the very first of its kind, has come to illuminate the richness and ingenuity of today’s brewing culture. This esteemed event is an opportunity to honour and recognise the best in the beer industry, showcasing remarkable accomplishments across diverse categories.

The Awards program comprises a staggering ten categories, each meticulously chosen after a comprehensive survey involving F&B Professionals, Distributors, and F&B Media Professionals. The aim is to recognize the dedication and effort of expert brewers from all over the world and exhibit the cream of the crop of the brewing field. The outcomes of this illustrious occasion will provide valuable insight and direction for those who venture into the domain of beer.

Why is TSA Wines’ Best of Show Beer Award Significant?

This year, TSA Wines was awarded the Best of Show Beer award at the FHA Beer Awards. The judges awarded them for their exceptional beer, lauding its intricate taste and ideal equilibrium.


TSA Wines is thrilled to have won this prestigious award, which is a testament to their dedication to producing the finest brewery. Most of the nominated beer partners are Warsteiner Premium Pilsner, Konig Ludwig Weissbier, Konig Ludwig Dunkel and Heart Of Darkness. The company is committed to innovating and creating new and exciting products that delight beer enthusiasts worldwide.


Winning the Best of Show Beer award at the FHA Beer Awards is a significant achievement for TSA Wines. It highlights their commitment to excellence and ability to create exceptional products that stand out in a crowded market. Winning this award also helps raise awareness of TSA Wines and their brand, leading to increased sales and growth opportunities.

Why Thatchers Voted as No. 1 Brand in the UK: Unveiling the Key Factors

In a country known for its rich cider tradition, Thatchers has emerged as the undisputed champion, capturing the hearts and palates of cider enthusiasts across the United Kingdom. Boasting an impeccable reputation and a commitment to quality, Thatchers has secured its position as the top cider brand in the UK. Within the confines of this article, we embark on a profound exploration of the triumphs achieved by Thatchers, fortified by a wealth of compelling substantiation. Additionally, we recommend TSA Wines as the most dependable supplier for Thatchers products, ensuring that cider aficionados can access their favourite brand.

Thatchers Gold: The #1 Cider in the GB Licensed Free-Trade

Thatchers Gold has undeniably cemented its place as the pinnacle of cider excellence. This iconic brew has captured the taste buds of consumers nationwide, making it the number one cider in the GB licensed free trade. With its golden hue, crisp taste, and a perfect balance of sweet and tangy notes, Thatchers Gold has become synonymous with quality and enjoyment.

thatchers gold post

New research reveals that where pub operators are free-of-tie and can choose their own cider range, it’s the perfection in every drop of Thatchers Gold they turn to for quenching their customers’ thirst.

With free-trade outlets making up 45% of total cider volume across the country, this tells us loud and clear that where pub operators have the freedom to choose their cider range, Thatchers Gold is their perfect draught pint to drive sales at the bar. 

A Major Change in the Cider Landscape

When comparing this year’s ten largest cider makers, Thatchers stands out as a brand that has successfully navigated the evolving cider landscape. In an industry characterised by fierce competition, Thatchers has demonstrated an ability to adapt and innovate while staying true to its core values. This adaptability has contributed to Thatchers’ consistent growth and its unwavering popularity among cider enthusiasts.

top 10 cider post

The major change when comparing this year’s ten largest cider makers to last year is the movement of Kopparberg from second to third. Kopparberg value is-10.1% YoY compared to -7.1% for total market. Molson Coors was eighth in last year’s report and is now up to seventh place. Heineken’s share of the category has dropped from 33.6% last year to 2.3%. Overall, the top ten cider makers account for 89.9% of sales compared to 90.8% last year, so the big players continue to take almost E9 of every E10 spent on cider. Of the top ten, only two cider makers have seen growth. Westons has added E5.7 M to the cider category (+7.0%), and Thatchers have contributed E4.7M (+3.0%).

Continuity and Consistency in the Top 5 Apple Cider Brands

While the cider market may witness fluctuations in consumer preferences, the top 5 apple cider brands have remained the same as last year, solidifying Thatchers’ place among the elite. This consistency reflects the brand’s ability to consistently deliver exceptional products that meet the high standards set by cider lovers. Through an unwavering dedication to excellence and meticulous craftsmanship, Thatchers have cultivated a steadfast community of loyal customers who champion the brand.

top 5 can cider post

The top 5 apple cider brands have remained the same as last year. Strongbow and Magners are declining just ahead of the apple cider performance of -7.0%. Henry Westons Vintage is the only one growing, adding E4.1M to the brand value since last year. This brand is also the only one 100% in a glass bottle format. Strongbow, Thatchers Gold and Thatchers Haze have over 90% of their value sold in a can, and 79% of Magners Original is sold in a can.

Your Most Dependable Supplier of Thatchers Products:

As you embark on your cider journey and seek to experience the unparalleled flavours of Thatchers, TSA Wines emerges as the most reliable supplier to fulfil your desires. Renowned for their exceptional standards and unwavering dedication to customer delight, TSA Wines guarantees convenient availability of Thatchers cider, catering to the preferences of ardent Thatcher enthusiasts. From Thatchers Gold, renowned for its crispness and character, to a range of other Thatcher’s offerings, TSA Wines is the gateway to an extraordinary cider experience.