TSA Wines rocked SAFRA Mt Faber Craft Beer Fest 2016

Over the last weekend from 7-8th October 2016, TSA Wines took part in the SAFRA Mt Faber Craftbeer Fest. This was the second year that we had been involved and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

This year, we brought 25 different kinds of the best craft beers and ciders in the world (we are biased!). We served them cold from our taps with the perfect foam head! Are thirsty now?

From Brewdog, we served the always popular Punk IPA, Five AM Saint, Dead Pony Club and even served the seasonal: Ace of Chinook, Elvis Juice and Jet Black Heart. Now do you know what you missed?

We also served up the Golden Ale and Bling IPA from Bridge Road Brewers, Green Goblin from Thatchers, Duchess De Bourgongue from Verhaeghe and Why Can’t IBU from Stillwater Artisanal. The Moon Dog Love Tap was very popular with the boys, not forgetting the Old Mate and Mack Daddy from Moon Dog too.

This year we also showcased our new beers from CAP Brewery: Kellerbier, Rude Bwoy and Bohemian Rhapsody, although we also served up the all too tasty Brother’s Ciders – Toffee Apple Premium Cider and Apple Cider Premium.

Also from UK, we served up the Wychwood Hobgoblin Gold, Hobgoblin and Black Wych; and from Aspall Suffolk – Aspall Cyder Premier Cru.

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See you next year or go shop in our store and organise your own beer fest!


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